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Iranian foreign ministry’s statement on defeat of ISIS in Iraq, Syria

Iranian foreign ministry’s statement on defeat of ISIS in Iraq, Syria

Tehran (ISNA) - Iranian foreign ministry has issued a statement on the complete defeat of ISIS terrorist group in Iraq and Syria.

The full text of the statement is as follows:

In the Name of Allah, the Compassionate, the Merciful

Today after six years of heroic and valiant resistance against all American-Zionist plots in the region, and by virtue of the guidance of Leader of the Islamic Revolution and courage of honorable Iranian top commander, Major General Soleimani, the last glimmer of hope of the so-called “Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant” has died.

Now, the glorious flag of the victory of truth over falsehood and the big triumph of the Resistance Axis’ courageous men has been hoisted above the last bastions of wickedness, slaughter and crime.

It seems another important chapter has opened in the history of the vulnerable region of West Asia with the cooperation, coordination and courage shown by all resistance forces and the regional states in fight against terrorism, extremism and carnage of innocent people. These forces and states have taken strong, practical, and long steps in fight against terror and this is expected to put the region and the whole world to the test against a historical experience.

Those who stood by the oppressed nations of Syria and Iraq during the unrest and dark years of human history paid a high price with a strong determination for defending the dignity of human being during battle or negotiations as well as in fight against hate-mongering and aggressive persons. So, today, they are proudly boasting wholeheartedly about their unsparing support for the Arab and Islamic Umma. 

But those who spared no effort to loot the properties of their brothers and sisters and only fanned the flame of an unjust and shameful war are still treading their wrong and scandalous path by spending hefty budgets in holding hollow and futile conferences and gatherings to cover their countless mistakes and crimes and finding partners for their horrible crimes to avoid facing tomorrow’s vigilant consciousness and societies which will put on trial those behind today’s carnage and destructions.

Under such circumstances, they are expected to show further viciousness, hatch new plots, and take deviant measures to divide the regional nations. It goes without saying that coping with them requires vigilance and attentions of the region and the Islamic world’s nations and governments.

Today with the total defeat of the illusory Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant, it has been proved once again that terrorism and the ideological, financial, political and military sponsors of this divisive phenomenon are doomed to failure. These sponsors should be put on trial in international courts and be held accountable before the consciences of vigilant nations over their crimes, massacre, destruction and displacement of millions of innocent and defenseless people.

The foreign ministry of the Islamic Republic of Iran calls for an end to the illusory and false wishes leading to the death of people from every religion and faith. It also feels upon itself to congratulate all freedom-seeking nations of the region, particularly the Resistance fighters, IRGC military advisors, Hezbollah forces and other military units, on this glorious achievement and defeat of terrorism.

We also hail their honest efforts to cleanse the region of the malice of ISIS militants. Meanwhile, we also praise the support and participation of Russian government in this sensitive phase of fight against terrorism.

The foreign ministry of the Islamic Republic of Iran admits that the region and the world are standing at a “large historical turn”. So, we don’t spare any effort to support the courageous fight of the resistance forces in their battle and contribute honestly to any collective measures aimed at establishing regional and international peace, stability and security.

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