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Rouhani in a meeting with Armenian PM:

Iran determined to develop friendly ties with neighboring countries

Iran determined to develop friendly ties with neighboring countries

Tehran (ISNA) – Iranian President Hassan Rouhani stressed that his government was determined to develop cooperation friendly relations with neighboring countries, including Armenia, and there were no restrictions on this.

In a meeting with Armenian Prime Minister Karen Karapetyan on Tuesday, Rouhani described the two countries' relations and cooperation positive, saying, "Development of relations with Armenia, as a friend and neighboring country, has always been important for Iran".

Referring to the historical, cultural and civilization relations of Iran and Armenia in the region and the common positions of the two countries in various international stages, the president noted, "Today, political, social and cultural relations of Tehran and Yerevan are in good conditions, but in the field of business and economic relations and cooperation, more effort is needed to maximize the potentials of developing relations to serve the two nations".

He mentioned to Iran's readiness to provide more technical and engineering services and encourage the private sector, including in the field of roads, housing, dams and power plants in Armenia.

"Development of bilateral and multilateral cooperation and relations will be very important in strengthening regional relations," Rouhani said during the meeting, adding that Iran and Armenia could work together in different sectors, including energy, transit and industry.

Pointing out that Iran's membership in the Eurasian Economic Union (EAEU) has a key role to play in establishing new relations and cooperation in the region, the president said, "We need to build on the capacities and capabilities of the free trade zones on the borders of the two countries to develop cooperation and mobilize commercial and economic relations of Iran and Armenia".

He also emphasized the need for durable peace and stability in the region, saying, "Wars and intensification of regional disputes are not in the interest of any country, and all regional governments need to work for sustainable peace".

Rouhani also described the situation in the region, including Syria, Yemen and Iraq, alarming and said, "Resolving the issues and crises in each of the countries will bring happiness and benefit the whole region, and Iran and Armenia can cooperate well in this regard".

The Prime Minister of Armenia also referred to the necessity of developing relations and cooperation between the two countries in different sectors, saying, "We should use the potentials and capabilities in Iran and Armenia to maximize economic and commercial cooperation".

Referring to the good potentials of the free zones in the border of Armenia and Iran for the development of economic relations between the two countries, Karapetyan called for participation of more Iranian companies and investors in Armenia's free zones.

Pointing to the trilateral cooperation between Iran and Armenia with Georgia in the field of transit and with Turkmenistan in the energy sector, he emphasized the need for more joint cooperation commissions between the two countries to work to organize these relations.

Highlighting the position of the Islamic Republic of Iran in the international stages in the development of friendly relations among countries, Karapatian said, "Iran's balanced positions in resolving the issues of the region ensure peace and stability in the region".

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