Iran will give harsh and decisive response to CAATSA: FM spokesman


Tehran (ISNA) – Iranian foreign ministry spokesman stressed that if the US implements CAATSA and imposes new sanctions on Iran, it will face harsh and decisive response from the Islamic Republic.

Iranian foreign ministry spokesman Bahram Qassemi made the remarks in the weekly press conference on Monday.

“I do hope that the US governing body would refrain from making the same strategic mistake by imposing further sanctions on Iran, but if they move toward this decision, Iran’s response would be decisive and harsh,” he said.

“I believe that the US has to accept all the consequences of that decision,” Qassemi added.

CAATSA is referring to the Countering America’s Adversaries Through Sanctions Act that Trump signed into law on August 2 after it passed a Senate vote.

The Trump administration has certified Iran’s compliance to the nuclear deal twice before, but speculations say the US president will decide to decertify Iran’s compliance in his Oct. 15 report to the Congress - a move that could set up Congress to impose sanctions on Iran that violate the agreement.

About the country’s stance toward Trump’s ‘decertification’ of Iran’s compliance with the nuclear deal, Qassemi said he would rather not talk about something that has not happened yet and is merely speculation.

“We should wait and take decisions based on what will unfold in the future,” he said. “What is clear at this moment is that European governments have voiced strong opposition against US unilateral policies, and based on what they have told us, they will continue their cooperation with Iran.”

Elsewhere, he was asked to comment on Turkey’s recent operation in Syria’s Idlib, saying “we raised the issue at the sixth round of Astana peace process and made good progress. Expert talks on the case is under evaluation and I think we can reach better results at the seventh round to be held in the second half of October. 

Qassemi stressed that Iran’s position toward Syria is shared by Turkey and Russia. 

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