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Rouhani in a meeting with Turkish Chief of General Staff:

Iran, Turkey anchors of stability in region

Iran, Turkey anchors of stability in region

Tehran (ISNA) – Iranian President Hassan Rouhani described Iran and Turkey as the anchors of stability in the region.

In the meeting with Chief of the General Staff of the Republic of Turkey, Gen. Hulusi Akar on Monday in Tehran, Dr Rouhani referred to brotherly, amicable relations between the two countries and added: "Today, the political, economic and international relations of the two countries are at a good level and we should try to further strengthen military and defence cooperation".

The president said that Iran and Turkey, as two Muslim states in the region, face regional threats such as terrorism, insecurity and instability, adding: "In order to overcome these threats and in line with the common interests, the relations and cooperation of Tehran and Ankara should be strengthened".

Emphasizing that the two governments of Iran and Turkey are determined to strengthen the relations and cooperation between the armed forces of the two countries, Rouhani said: "The armed forces of Iran and Turkey can develop constructive relations in addressing regional threats through development of cooperation and transfer of experiences in various sectors".

The fight against terrorism and the preservation of the geographical boundaries in the region are among the most important goals of the two countries in developing cooperation and relations, said Rouhani, adding: "As the two important countries and the anchor of stability in the region when together, Iran and Turkey will have better influence and role in resolving regional issues".

He also stressed the need for efforts to strengthen central governments in Iraq and Syria for territorial integrity in the countries, fight against terrorism and stabilization of the region, saying: "Any move that undermines the stability of the geographical boundaries will result in spread of insecurity and instability in the region".

Chief of the General Staff of the Republic of Turkey, Gen. Hulusi Akar said: "As two major powers in the region, Iran and Turkey can play an effective role in creating stability and peace in the region".

He also expressed happiness over meeting with President Rouhani and described the terrorist groups as a major obstacle to the stability and peace in the region.

"Turkey respects the territorial integrity of all the countries of the region, including Syria and Iraq, and is ready to fight terrorism and instability by promoting its cooperation with other friend countries, particularly Iran," the Turkish general said.

He also called for the development of relations between the Islamic Republic of Iran's Armed Forces and the Turkish Army in various fields, including combating human trafficking, drug trafficking and establishing security in the region.

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