Iranian, Russian interior ministries to share counter-terrorism experience

پرچم ایران و روسیه

Tehran (ISNA) - The Russian and Iranian interior ministries will share experience on countering extremism, terrorism and drug criminality, Russian interior ministry spokeswoman Irina Volk said.

Her remarks came after a meeting between Russian interior minister Vladimir Kolokoltsev and chief of the Law Enforcement Force of the Islamic Republic of Iran Hossein Ashtari, TASS reported.

“When discussing areas of cooperation, the Russian minister noted prospects of sharing practical experience and information of mutual interest, chiefly on countering terrorism and extremist acts,” she reported.

They also discussed extension of cooperation in countering drug threat and carrying out coordinated investigative operations to suppress drug smuggling channels. Kolokoltsev named the “Channel – Western Screen” anti-drug operation held in May – June 2017 with Iranian partners as a successful example.

“Kolokoltsev stressed that signing of a joint action plant prepared to implement the cooperation agreement between the interior ministry of Russia and the interior ministry of the Islamic Republic of Iran will galvanize our work in some key areas,” Volk added.

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