Iraq second largest importer of Iranian goods

پرچم ايران و عراق

Tehran (ISNA) - With $2 billion worth of imports from Iran between March 21 to June 21, Iraq is the second most important destination for Iranian goods, according to the latest statistics.

Iran commercial attaché in Baghdad Naser Behzad stated that value of Iran’s exports to Iraq had stood at over three billion dollars in the first six months of the current Iranian year (March 21 to September 22).

“The 8-percent rise in exports to Iraq pertains to shipment of goods like agricultural products, machinery and mechanical appliances, electrical devises as well as pharmaceuticals,” he said.

“Other major items being deployed to the Iraqi market include pasta, flour, dairy products, petrochemical products as well as industrial lubricants,” Behzad added.

Iraq annually imports products worth 30 billion dollars from different countries, he said, adding that Iran’s share of the Iraqi imports stands at 24 percent which puts the country in third place of exporters to Iraq after China and Turkey.

He then pointed out that Iran for the first time ever has started exporting daily 12 million cubic meters of natural gas to Iraq this year.

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