Zarif dismisses Trump’s “hollow” statements on Iran


Tehran (ISNA) - Iranian foreign minister Mohammad Javad Zarif has slammed as worthless the remarks made by US President Donald Trump on Iran during the UN General Assembly in New York.

In reaction to Trumps anti-Iran allegations in his address to the UN General Assembly, Zarif said the statements, particularly those parts referring to the great nation of Iran, were too blatant, hollow and non-sense to reply.

The Iranian top diplomat stressed that the flagrant and foolish statements of the US president as well as his ignorance of the realities of the Islamic Republics domestic and foreign policies and its fight against terrorism reveal the depth of his naivety and populist behaviors when it comes to international politics.

"Such behaviors along with other realities like the US support for the criminal Zionist regime and other regional dictatorial regimes as well as its support for terrorist groups would not yield any result but further isolation and disrepute for the US administration in the world,” he added.

Iranian foreign minister also reacted to the foolish statements of the US President on Twitter.

“Trump’s ignorant hate speech belongs in medieval times-not the 21st Century UN- unworthy of a reply. Fake empathy for Iranians fools no one,” he wrote.

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