Science instrument for promoting peace

دکتر آنجلو آزی

Tehran (ISNA) – A senior scientist at Tuft University emphasized that science is an instrument for promoting peace in the world.

“My purpose in multiple visits to Iran is not only making scientific contact with scientists which has become a continuous process for me, but also helping Americans and Iranians to better understand each other, because through this way peace can be developed between the two countries,” the senior scientist at Tufts University Dr Angelo Azzi said in an exclusive interview with ISNA.

He made the remarks on the sideline of the first International Congress of " Nutrition: from Laboratory Research to Clinical Studies" (NLRCS) in Mashhad.

“I want to show Iranian that Americans are not devil and I will show Americans that Iranians are very nice,” Dr Angelo Azzi said.

“Science in Iran has a long history but recently due to a number of political factors, Iran has been isolated even in terms of science and communication so its scientists have been left a little bit alone,” he added.

“I’ve traveled to Iran many times and the reason to come back here is that I like Iran, not particular the city but the people. Iranians are incredibly hospitable, clever and friendly people,” the scientist went on to say.

“I also want to help to a country which has a great potential to fully develop and to give the possibility to young Iranian scientists to find a proper job. So far, I have helped four Iranian students to find a good place for studying abroad which one of them is currently an associate professor at Harvard University and the other one is pursuing a doctorate at the University of Milan, Italy,’’Dr. Azzi explained.

The purpose of the NLRCS is to bring together cellular and molecular researchers, nutritionists, physicians, experts in food and health and other specialists to discuss the challenges of the interplay between Nutrition Sciences and medical intervention in all age group. The meeting tried the exchange of ideas and knowledge between the different disciplines for basic research and clinical interdisciplinary collaborations focusing on nutrition and health issues.

“The responsibility for informing society about nutritional habits lies with science, not industry. But because of some economic aspects, the industry sometimes tells people what is good for them and what they should eat or what they should not eat. But in the meantime, scientists and academics need to play their role and advise industry employees to improve the quality of their products for the health of the community.

Professor Angelo Azzi is also the editor-in-chief of Molecular Aspects of Medicine journal and his researches focus on the molecular function of tocopherols and carotenoids.

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