Iranian parliamentary delegation arrives in Vietnam

کمیسیون اجتماعی مجلس

Tehran (ISNA) - An Iranian parliamentary delegation arrived in Hanoi, the capital of Vietnam, following its tour to Southeast Asia.

The members of Social Commission of the Islamic Parliament of Iran, who are travelling to Southeast Asia, arrived in Hanoi to hold talks with Vietnam officials on social issues.

The vice-president of the Social Commission, Mohammad-Reza Badamtchi, stressed that Hanoi is a city where there are no beggars and even the poor people are employed.

"In this city, young people marry in 22 or 23 years and divorce has no place and there is a sort of justice among the people. The capitalist class does not exist, and only a few wealthy people live in the city. No doctor works outside the hospital and those who travel abroad to study medicine return to the country, "he said.

The parliamentary delegation arrived in Vietnam following its visit to China.

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