Saudi delegation due in Iran only to visit diplomatic sites

بهرام قاسمی

Tehran (ISNA) - Iran’s foreign ministry spokesman says Iranian and Saudi diplomatic delegations will travel to one another’s countries merely to visit their respective embassies and consulates nearly 20 months after the severance of bilateral ties.

“The Saudi delegation’s visit to Iran is only aimed at visiting their diplomatic sites because they have remained empty since Saudi Arabian diplomats left Iran,” Iranian foreign ministry spokesman Bahram Qassemi said.

He noted that an Iranian delegation is also set to arrive in Saudi Arabia in future to visit Iran’s diplomatic mission in the Arab country.

According to Qassemi, the visits will be made as part of a bilateral agreement between Tehran and Riyadh.

“The Saudi delegation’s visas were issued a long time ago but they have yet to visit the Islamic Republic for any reason. Their visit has been probably postponed to a date after the Hajj season,” he added.

The spokesman also dismissed as baseless certain media reports on Riyadh’s decision to receive compensation for the damages made on its diplomatic mission in Iran and said so far, no demand has been raised by the Saudi side in this regard.

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