The Silk Screen Festival to host three Iranian films

جشنواره سیلک اسکرین

Tehran (ISNA) - Three Iranian films will be screened at the competition section of the 12th edition of the Silk Screen Film Festival in the United States.

"Inversion", "Kupal" and "Lantouri" are the three Iranian films that will be presented at the Silk Screen Film Festival held September 15-24, 2017 in Pennsylvania, USA.

This year's festival will showcase more than 25 feature films from 15 Asian countries, including India, Japan, China, Turkey, Lebanon, South Korea, Iraq, the Philippines and Iran.

The films "Kupal" directed by Kazem Molaei, "Inversion" by Behnam Behzadi and "Lantouri" by Reza Dormishian are the three Iranian representatives in the main section of the festival.

‘Kupal’ is the story of a hunter and taxidermist who accidentally traps himself in his basement. With little food and no water, Dr. Ahmad Kupal must survive using creative and desperate means.

‘Lantouri’ is a social drama covers the story of throwing acid to the face of a young active journalist in Tehran. 

‘Inversion’ centers around a young, unmarried woman who decides to take charge and find ways to better express herself in the metropolis of Tehran.

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