China leads export markets of Iran


Tehran (ISNA) - Export statistics for the first four months of the Iranian year (started on 21 March) show that China is still at the top of Iran's export markets.

After China place Iraq and the United Arab Emirates respectively for the destination of the Iranian products during the mentioned date.

During the period, Iran exported 37.63 million tons of goods with a value of 13.45 billion dollars.

China has imported 10.33 million tons goods worth 2.84 billion dollars from Iran, making it the first destination of Iranian products. This country owns 27.47 percent of the weight and 21.11 percent of the value of the total Iranian export.

South Korea, India, Afghanistan, Turkey, Pakistan, Thailand and Taiwan place forth to tenth respectively.

Oman, Japan, Turkmenistan, Indonesia and Italy are pursuing these top ten countries.

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