Do not laugh at yourself! The change of the regime in Iran does not answer: Zarif

ظریف در شورای روابط خارجی آمریکا

Tehran (ISNA) - The Iranian foreign minister Mohammad Javad Zarif spoke of developments in the Middle East at a meeting of the US Council on Foreign Relation’s think tank in the presence of the president of the think tank Richard N. Haass.

Answering to a question on the interactions with the US President Donald Trump's government, Zarif said he did not discuss with his American counterpart Rex Tillerson, but that does not mean that there would be no interaction in the future.

On the other hand, Mr. Zarif added that "Nuclear armaments will not provide the security of any country".

"A court in New York condemned Iran for the events of September 11, while it was Saudi Arabia and the United States allies who were involved in these events," he highlighted.

Noting that the US government did not learn from the past, the senior Iranian diplomat insisted, “the United States wanted to change the regime in Iran in 1953, but you see what the outcome was for Washington”.

"The countries of the region are supported under a foreign umbrella; either by NATO or directly supported by the United States, except Iran. How could we continue without foreign support? It was thanks to our people, "he added.

"Do not laugh at yourself! Look at the realities. The change in the regime in Iran doesn’t answer because it is not a country that depends on the United States for its survival and legitimacy, "Zarif said.

"The United States must change their procedures into sanctions. When Washington began imposing nuclear sanctions on Iran, we had 200 centrifuges, which after the sanctions and during the negotiations, arrived at 20 thousand centrifuges. Then, the result of these embargos was 19 thousand 800 centrifuges more. The sanction was never effective, "he added.

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