German academic, scientific delegation to visit Iran

سالار آملی

Tehran (ISNA) - Iranian deputy minister of science for international affairs Hossein Salar Amoli announced that a German delegation will visit Iran in late September in order to study the common ground in academic and scientific cooperation.

“The German delegation will visit Iran to understand our major capabilities, capacities, and educational potentials and to start new cooperation between the two countries. On the same occasion, a day titled "Science Day" will be held at the University of Science and Technology,” he said in an interview with ISNA.

“The chairmen of about 15 major institutions from Germany and Iran alongside the deans of a number of universities from the two countries will come together to organize the common ground of cooperation,” Hossein Salar Amoli added.

“The meeting between Iranian and German delegations will take place in line with the continuation of previous programs and study of the grounds for developing new cooperation. But in general, defining new cooperation projects, exchanging professors and students, holding joint education courses will be the most important issues to be discussed,” the official went on to say.

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