IRGC kills terrorist group leader in Southern Province

آرم سپاه

Tehran (ISNA) - The leader of a terrorist group was killed by Iran’s Islamic Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC) during an operation in the southeastern Iranian province of Sistan-and-Baluchestan.

Molavi Jalil Ghanbar Zehi, the leader of the so-called Ansar al-Furqan group, was killed during the recent clashes with the IRGC’s Qods Headquarters in Qasr-e Qand Heights, according to the Iranian officials.

The body of this international terrorist along with four of his deputies and elements is now in the hands of the IRGC Ground Forces.

Iranian security officials had been conducting measures over the past 25 years to arrest this terrorist due to his numerous crimes committed in the southeastern Iranian border areas.

Iranian security forces have carried out a string of raids and arrests after a complex terror attack last week targeted the Iranian parliament in Tehran and the shrine of the founder of the Islamic Republic, Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini, south of the capital, leaving 18 dead.

Islamic State claimed responsibility for that attack. 

Qanbar-Zahi was wanted for an attack on a Shi'ite religious ceremony in the city of Chabahar, planning suicide attacks and killing police officers among other crimes.

During the operations which led to Qanbar-Zahi's death, the Revolutionary Guards found a car bomb containing 600 kilograms of explosives, 15 suicide bombs, 700 kilograms of explosive material and tens of thousands of bullets.

Ansar al Furqan is a splinter group of Jundallah, a militant group that also carried out several attacks in the province.

Abdolmalek Rigi, the head of Jundallah, was captured and executed by Iranian authorities in 2010.

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