Zarif meets Algerian PM, FM

ظریف در الجزایر

Tehran (ISNA) – Iranian foreign minister Mohammad Javad Zarif, who visited Algeria at the head of political delegation, conferred with Algerian new Prime Minister Abdelmajid Tebboune on Sunday.

The meeting was held behind closed doors and there are no details on talk.

Zarif also met his Algerian counterpart Abdelkader Messahel.

During the meeting, Zarif emphasized the Islamic Republic of Iran is ready to help resolve existing crisis among countries in the region.

In the meeting, the two sides reviewed various issues in the region in details.

Welcoming the Iranian foreign minister, Abdelkader Messahel said Algiers believes that regional differences should be resolved through negotiations.

"Respecting others sovereignty is among our principles,” the senior diplomat said, adding “for the same reason Algeria has adopted an independent stance in the fight against terrorism which is among our priorities”.

“Algeria is among victims of terrorism. Over 200,000 civilians have been killed in the country and we have huge experiences in the field and truly know the root cause of terrorism,” Messahel continued.

“Differences in the Arab world have already existed such as the current crisis in Syria, but all should pay respect to the nation’s sovereignty and legal governments as well as people’s demands. Foreign interferences in Libya are the root cause of the country’s problems,” he said.

He said that if foreign forces had not interfered in Syria, Libya and Yemen, their problems would have been resolved much earlier.

"We are now witnessing disputes in world Muslim and Arab world and believe that these problems will be resolved through negotiations," the Algerian foreign minister stated.

He also expressed the hope that current disputes among some Arab countries in the Persian Gulf region to be resolved through negotiations.

Zarif, for his part, said: “we believe that terrorism is now regarded as the main issue in the region and escalation of democracy will be the final way to deal with the issue, but all should bear in their minds that democracy should be originated inside the countries”.

“Priorities should be given to fight against extremism,” Zarif said, adding that “all should help resolve the issue and we cannot prescribe people in different countries”.

“The main issue is that we as foreign countries should help them but should not assign them. Foreign intervention will prolong the crisis and make them more complicated,” he stressed.

“Two groups take advantage of the trouble waters of extremists and Zionists. Zionism is now taking advantage of this opportunity without any costs. Iran will not be trapped by these conspiracies and under no circumstances will allow the grounds be prepared for misuse by the Zionists,” the senior Iranian diplomat said.

"We are concerned about the existing situation between Qatar and its neighbor to become more exacerbated and believe that negotiations will be the best way out of the problem and Iran is ready to spare no efforts in attaining such goals," he added.

After the meetings, Zarif left Algeria for Mauritania.

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