President at SCCR session:

Security, intelligence forces actions foiled many terrorist plots

جلسه شورای عالی انقلاب فرهنگی

Tehran (ISNA) – Iranian President Hassan Rouhani chaired the session of the Supreme Council of Cultural Revolution and referred to the recent terrorist attack in Tehran, saying: “From the beginning of the revolution, our country has faced with the scourge of terrorism nationwide”.

 “In addition to thousands of the Iranian people martyred, our country has been in the forefront of fighting against terrorists, while powers and countries who describe themselves the supporters of human rights, have always sheltered the terrorists and sponsored them,” Rouhani continued.

“With the extensive work of our mighty security and intelligence forces, many terrorist plots have been uncovered and foiled. Killing innocent people by a few mercenary terrorists are a cowardly and savage act, making people readier and more determined to eradicate the criminals,” he went on to say.

The President also emphasized that any terrorist plot will be followed by a decisive action and that with more intensive acts by the nations of the region, terrorist groups are nearing their end.

Rouhani prayed for the martyrs and those injured in the recent terrorist attack in Tehran and congratulated the beginning of Qadr nights.

The Document of Fundamental Reforms in Education System and the upstream documents will be the base for the system, continued the President adding that any document or statement inconsistent with the Fundamental Document is abolished.

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