Iran transit growth jumps 8.6%


Tehran (ISNA) – Iran’s Road Maintenance and Transportation Organization announced the report of the transit was conducted in the past two months, indicating a 8.6% growth compared to last year’s similar months.

About 1.44 million tons of commodities were transported from 22 land and 10 maritime borders during the past two months, registering about 9% growth.

The growth comes as Iran preserved its stability despite the political situation of regional countries.

The volume of non-oil commodities was transported during the mentioned period amounted to near 1.08 million tons and the volume of oil commodities amounted to about 357 thousand tons.

The most volume of transportation was conducted from Emirates to Afghanistan. 

 The transportation of more than 47 thousand Iranian trucks, 10 thousand Turkish trucks, and 5.3 thousand Iraqi trucks was registered during the period.

During the period the main transit commodities in Iran were Mazut oil, rice, and cotton.

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