Hyundai to increase its activities in Iran

افتتاح خط تولید خودروهای دنا پلاس و پژو ۲۰۰۸ توسط رییس‌جمهور

Tehran (ISNA) - Hyundai Motor Group returned to Iran following the implementation the nuclear accord named (JCPOA) and now looks to develop a stronger presence in the country’s auto market.

The South Korean-based Hyundai, as a first step, intends to increase satisfaction among its Iranian customers and market its products in the country based on a more appropriate system of supply and demand, Saman Firouzi, managing director of Kerman Motor Company said.

He said that Kerman Motor Company, a producer of some models of Hyundai cars, will continue its cooperation with the Chinese automotive companies as well.

Firouzi added that the support given to the Islamic Republic by Chinese companies during the Western-imposed sanctions against Iran will not be forgotten.

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