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France: Rouhani re-election strengthens hope of Iran nuclear deal application

امانوئل ماکرون

Tehran (ISNA) - French president Emmanuel Macron congratulated Iranian president Hassan Rouhani for his re-election on Saturday and said this reinforced the hope his government would apply the international nuclear agreement, Sputnik reported.

The reelection of Hassan Rouhani as Iranian president gives hope for the country's compliance with the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) aimed at settlement of the Iranian nuclear issue, the office of French president Emmanuel Macron said in a statement.

"The reelection of president Rouhani strengthens the hope that his government will abide accurately by the historic agreement of July 14, 2015, which allowed to regulate through the diplomatic means the disagreements on the nuclear issue and to engage in the new stage of the relations between Iran and the international community. France, in turn, will continue to exercise vigilance over the strict implementation of [the agreement's] elements," the statement distributed by Macron's press office read.

In the document, the French president expressed hope for the improvement of the economic, scientific and cultural ties between Tehran and Paris.

Rouhani was reelected for the second term with 57 percent of votes at the election which took place in Iran on Friday.

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