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Message of the Leader on the people's high turnout in elections

Iranian people and the Islamic establishment winners of elections

Iranian people and the Islamic establishment winners of elections

Tehran (ISNA) - Following the magnificent and epic presence of Iranian people in the 12th presidential election and the 5th City and Village Council Elections, Leader of the Islamic Republic Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei issued a message of gratitude and appreciation in which he underscored a number of important points.

The full text of the Leader’s message is as follows:

In the Name of God, the Most Compassionate, the Most Merciful

Dear Iranian nation, epic celebration of yesterday’s elections once again exhibited before the eyes of the world the shining gem of [your] national resolve and determination. Your widespread and enthusiastic participation [in elections] and fervent swarming of the polling stations and forming long lines to reach ballot boxes across the country, and [participation] of all walks of life, are all clear signs of the solidity of the foundations of the Islamic democracy and public attachment to this great blessing of the Almighty, which made Iran and Iranians proud and dignified through this practical test. Through the packed presence [of the people] and casting of more than forty million votes in ballot boxes yesterday, a new threshold was achieved in the presidential election, which demonstrated the daily-growing progress of the Iranian nation with regard to powerful presence [in elections].

The Iranian nation once more pushed backed ill-wishers and the spiteful and jealous [elements] and filled the hearts of its friends and admirers with joy and pride. The [real] winners in yesterday’s elections are you, the Iranian people, and the Islamic Republic establishment, which despite the enemies’ plots and effort has succeeded in profoundly winning the trust of this great nation and showing new brilliance in every round [of elections]. Yesterday’s outstanding test was not only about widespread participation, but serenity and soberness and decency of the participants that guaranteed the security of the elections, also constituted an important part of this dazzling test. People from every [social] stratum, [as well as every] taste [and] political affiliation entered the arena side by side and voted for the Islamic Republic establishment shoulder to shoulder.

With humbleness before the Almighty God, I express my gratitude and pray for a deserving beneficence, blessing and reward for the Iranian nation, and express my regards and greetings to Hadhrat Mahdi (Peace Be Upon Him), before enumerating a number of points:

I say to the dear people to thank God for the success in holding elections and think about public unity and consensus after tensions [that were rife] in the days and weeks leading to elections, because undoubtedly, this is one of the reasons for national solidity and might. All of you are proud under the aegis of the Islamic Republic establishment and the offspring of this land [and] should try to identify and follow through your share in advancing the country toward [its] major objectives. The fulfillment of all national aspirations depends on this way of thinking and acting in this manner.

I emphasize and recommend the respected president and all of those, who will be part of the next administration, to pursue motivated, thoughtful and youthful work and effort to do away with country’s problems and do not neglect this straight path even for a single moment.  Having consideration for lower classes, paying attention to villages and impoverished areas, taking into account the priorities and countering corruption and social maladies should be placed atop of all agendas.

National dignity and practice of wisdom in global communications and paying attention to [preserving] international might [of the country] are also among the priorities of Islamic and revolutionary management.

I deem it necessary to thank each and every one of the participants in elections and those who played a role in encouraging them to fulfill this duty, particularly the grand [religious] sources of emulation and great clerics as well as academic and political and cultural and artistic elites.

I also deem it necessary to express my gratitude to the esteemed presidential candidates who played a serious role in this [process of] enlightenment and creating enthusiasm for [participation in] elections.

I deem it necessary to thank all those involved in executive and supervisory stages of the presidential election as well as the city and village elections, who made overwhelming efforts in this regard.

I deem it necessary to express gratitude to those providing security for the elections and the national medium (the state-run broadcasting) to whose round-the-clock and dexterous efforts [these] enthusiastic elections are owed.

In conclusion, I invite myself and everyone to piety and struggle on the path of the divine and social duty and commitment to the path of the [1979 Islamic] Revolution, which is the valuable legacy of the great Imam Khomeini and [our] precious martyrs, and pray to the Almighty God for their souls to rest in peace and their ranks [in the Hereafter] to be elevated.

Peace be unto you and so may the mercy of Allah and His blessings

Seyyed Ali Khamenei

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