I’ll give terror victims message to US: Swiss ambassador to Iran

سفیر سوییس در تهران

Tehran (ISNA) – A number of families of martyrs and victims of terror in Iran met with Swiss ambassador to Tehran Giulio Haas who represents the US interests in the country and discussed how their loved ones were Martyred or wounded.

Expressing sympathy with the victims of terror, Haas said: “when speaking of victims of terror, policy is the only issue I remember. I will deliver the message that received from you to American officials”.

“Terrorism has engulfed the whole world and Swedish is doing its best to help solve the issue because we believed when speaking of suffers, the policy moves aside. We can’t change the policy but I promise to convey your message to American authorities,” he added.

“However, I know it certainly will not eliminate your pain and suffering but it shows that we care your pain,” Haas went on to say.

“the situation in Iran at the international level has improved during last four years and Swedish made great effort in this way. I believed Iran is so beautiful that in the future will place in a better ranking on the international level and can tell the world its words. You are not the only victims that I have seen in my life and no international communities can ease your pain,” he continued.

“Swiss government will support you and will follow the issue. I wish the families of victims of terror enjoy the courage, brave and support in all aspects,” the ambassador said.

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