Iraninan,German Universities to sign research contracts

دکتر گرجی

Tehran (ISNA) – 1st International Neuroinflammation Congress which held in Mashhad, Iran was one of the steps that could lead Iran to have international cooperation in the field of research, said the director of Epilepsy Research Center at Münster University in Germany.

“During the last ten years, Iran has established many high level neuroscience centers in different cities of Iran which are focusing on more advance techniques for finding new treatment for various neurological disorders,” director of Epilepsy Research Center at Münster University Dr. Ali Gorji said.

“England, United States, Switzerland, Scotland, Sweden, Canada, Germany are among the top 7 nations in neuroscience,” he stated.

“I think we are in good level of neuroscience in the world and we can join the highest ranking group of countries by efforts of Iranian scientists in the next 10 years,” Dr. Gorji who is also honorary director of Razavi Neuroscience Research Center in Mashhad, Iran told ISNA.

“Hopefully we will sign a contract with Münster University, Germany in bilateral research prospects in near future,” he said

“Attending of hundreds of young students in this congress shows their interest in this field and gathering the next generation of scientist is the best achievement of this congress,” he emphasized.

“We have a very nice discussion in neuroinflammation as a new target for treatment of epilepsy, MS and other diseases,” Dr. Gorji went on to say.

Gorji predicted the next international neuroinflammation congress will be held in the 2nd half of this year.

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