The crucial role of urban management design


Tehran (ISNA) –The International Conference on Urban Planning and Management started on Tuesday, April 25 in Mashhad which is the first international and 8th National conference on urban planning and management.

“It has been predicted that 70 percent of world's population or more than 6 billion people will be living in cities across the world rather than stay in the rural areas by the year 2050, and this unwanted growth indicate that the designing a model of urban management is essential,” the governor of Khorasan Razavi Alireza Rashidian stressed.

This conference is including the workshop on smart cities presents by the master strategic consultant of Amsterdam city and certificates will be issued by the metropolis.

"Urban management and citizens' affairs need bonds among civilization, science, and technology and Islamic cities are the best symbols of the Islamic civilization," Rashidian said in the opening ceremony of 1st International Conference on Urban Planning and Management at the Ferdowsi University of Mashhad.

“By 2050, 70 percent of the population is predicted to live in urban areas, bringing extra stress to agricultural production and the attraction of the metropolises will draw more people from rural areas. It has been also predicted that the rural population will reach to more than 2.5 billion by this year,” he added.

“Designing the model of urban management is vital for the real needs of society and urban priority identification,” Rashidian went on to say.

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