Iran stem cell research advancing rapidly

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Tehran (ISNA) – Iranian post-doctorate researcher of Harvard Medical College and the faculty member of Royan Institute asserted that researchers urged measured optimism about new studies on stem cells and regenerative medicine for cancer, skin diseases and Alzheimer.

“Royan institute is a very well recognized research center globally and in the region mainly in the field of stem cells and regenerative medicine,” Dr. Kourosh Shahpasand who won the research grant of the U.S Alzheimer's association said in an exclusive interview with ISNA.

“We have collaboration with Harvard medical school and I honored to have several projects with this center as well as my college in Royan institute. We have several collaborations with other universities in Europe, japan and Australia and other countries as well,” he added.

“Our top goal is to reach therapeutics strategy for several disorders including Neurodegenerative like Alzheimer or cancer. We generate stem cells to replace cancer cells in order to cure cancer itself,” He noted.

“In Royan institute, we are working mainly on curing cancer by stem cells which have been conducting through different ways. We are also adding some other field of researches like cognitive neuroscience because Royan is growing fast by stringent management,” he said.

The most considerable achievement of Royan institute in recent years is finding the new medical treatment for skin diseases by focusing on stem cells and regenerative medicine.

“This is my first presence here and the invitation of top scientists showed that although we are not a developed country but we are taking big steps in the field of stem cells,” Dr. Shahpasand went on to say.

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