Rouhani, Putin condemn US airstrike on Syria in a phone call

روحانی پوتین تلفنی

Tehran (ISNA) - Presidents of Iran and the Russian stressed that United States missile attack on Syria was an act of aggression against international regulations and the Charter of the United Nations.

In a phone call that took place Sunday evening, Iranian president Hassan Rouhani told his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin: “We condemn US missile attack on Syria and consider it as a case of blatant violation of an independent country’s sovereignty and it is necessary that the unilateral act be discussed and condemned in the United Nations Security Council”.

He also condemned the use of chemical weapons in Syria, adding: “Reports suggest that terrorists have access to chemical weapons and US attacks allow terrorist groups to use chemical weapons once more”.

Rouhani also denounced some countries of the region for supporting the US missile attack on Syria and said: “We must not allow the path of combating terrorism to be deviated by some countries supporting the US’ latest action”.

“The solution to the Syrian issue is political, rather than military,” said Rouhani adding: “Tehran is ready to consult, cooperate, and coordinate with Moscow in fight against terrorists”.

 “The US attack creates a division among countries in their fight against terrorism and the drives the path of political negotiations in Syria towards military action. In such an atmosphere, boosting up cooperation among Iran, Russia, and Syria in confronting violence and terror is essential,” he continued.

In the phone conversation, Russian president Vladimir Putin also condemned US’ act of aggression and said: “This action is unacceptable and an attempt to support terrorists”.

He also referred to UN’s approval that the government of Syria does not possess chemical weapons and said: “Washington’s missile attack on Syria under the pretext of using chemical weapons was a show and pre-planned act”.

“US attack on Syria is condemned as an act of aggression,” said Putin adding: “The US actions in Syria, including the latest missile attack will not help solve the Syrian issue”.

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