Serbia to host 23rd International Safe Communities Conference


Tehran (ISNA) - Director of International Safe Community Support Center said 23rd International Safe Communities Conference would be held from October 10-12, 2017 in Novi Sad, Serbia.

“I hope that this conference will be provided a unique opportunity to share knowledge, exchange new ideas and network with the professionals that are working on the same goal to improve health and the quality of life, injury prevention and safety promotion,” Professor Mirjana Milankov said in an exclusive interview with ISNA on the sideline of the 8th Safe Community Asian Conference in Mashhad, Iran.

She added: “the theme for the conference is safe communities are an essential need for a modern-day society”.

“I was invited by Dr. Amir Azizi to the 8th Safe Community Asian Conference in Mashhad as a key note speaker and panelist about safety and public place, safety and culture and safety and urban services,” Milankov said.

“I traveled more than 15 hours to come to Mashhad to present my lecture here. One of my main purposes for coming is to invite Iranian people to the Serbia in the next Safe Community Conference which is going to be held in October”.

Prof. Milankov who is also Chairlady European Safe Community Network continued: “International Safe Community Conference, Mashhad 2017 is an opportunity for cooperation and interaction with executive and scientific agencies”.

“We also hope that this conference will contribute to a safer world with no violence and no injury.” director of National Center for Injury Prevention and Safety Promotion told.

This event is synchronized with the selection of Mashhad as the capital of Islamic culture by ISSECO.

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