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Governments can develop safe community by training people


Tehran (ISNA) - Professor of Ajou School of Medicine and the member of International Association Safe community said that governments could develop a safe community by training and educating people to behave safe.

“A Safe Community is one in which all sectors of the community work together in a coordinated and collaborative way, forming partnerships to promote safety, manage risk, increase the overall safety of all its members and reduce the fear of harm,” Professor Joon Pil Cho, emergency physician and trauma surgeon at the center for Community Safety Promotion, said in an exclusive interview with ISNA .

He added: “I work for an emergency department and I have a lot injured patient so I realized it is very important for the quality of life to prevent the injury”.

“I introduced safe community model to life in Korea, that’s why I have been involved in safe community movement in many years,” Professor JoonPil Cho said.

He continued: “governments should manage the Media to train the society to promote safety. Media can alert people to safety issues and let them know how to behave safe”.

“Everyone should behave safe and they can be a model for their own child and they can advocate safety regulation for their community,” he said.

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