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There is no weapon more powerful than people's faith and unity: Rouhani


Tehran (ISNA) - There is no weapon more powerful than people's faith and unity, said Iranian president Hassan Rouhani addressing International Congress Commemorating Martyr's Day, adding: "weapons are definitely necessary but what enemies fear more than missiles is our people's faith and resolve".

Speaking at the congress, which was held in Mashhad on Wednesday, Rouhani continued: "weapons are definitely necessary but what enemies fear more than missiles are our people's faith and resolve".

There is no weapon more powerful than people's faith and unity, he continued, adding: "the 11th government has built strategic weapons more than the period of last ten years, and it will continue to do so".

Addressing "Dear youths and honorable Iranians", he said: "Today's war is not the war of weapons; it is the war of resolve".

"Wars never end; speaking about peace means putting a temporary end to military combat. Conflicts in other stages are still standing and the economic war in the world will never end," he continued.

Rouhani also said: "recently, the first words of the man who has assumed US presidency is about a new economic war with their allies".

Stating that cultural war will never end, he said: "there is no weapon more powerful than people's faith and unity".

"In the economic fields, if one says we are not able to resolve economic issues and provide for people's lives and other needs, and if we doubt our victory in the economic field, we will definitely be defeated," he continued.

The President also said: "in today's world where all oil-producing countries are forced to resort to their past reserves and we witnessed their currency are devalued, it was only the Islamic Republic of Iran that increased economic growth, decreased inflation and preserved the values of its currency".

Some ask the question of whether all sanctions have been lifted, he said, "Of course they have not. We have only been able to lift sanctions and obstacles in the nuclear sector, provided that the other side lives up to its commitments with fairness and honesty".

"We still have obstacles on our ways and here comes the question that why people are not being told the realities," he continued.

Rouhani also said: "any country confronted the armed-to-the-teeth Zionist Regime failed, but faithful, Muslim and sincere youths could stand against the oppressor, usurper, and child-killing regime for 33 days and win the fight".

"The Americans and Europeans were relying on the Zionist Regime and they thought that the regime's power is undefeatable and that they can use it to occupy any country but in the July War, the seeming grandeur was shattered and with Hezbollah's victory, the enemy's determination was undermined and Hezbollah could win the war of determination," he continued.

The President of the Islamic Republic of Iran also said: "our youths achieved victory in the eight-year Sacred Defense by resolve, just like Lebanon's Hezbollah achieved victory over the Zionist Regime in the war of resolve".

"The day when terrorists advanced to the walls of Baghdad and Mosul fell, it was the war of resolve. The enemies had incited the terrorists that they could win and the people of Iraq were intimidated that they were not able to stand against savage terrorists and their brutalities, but today with God's attention, the people of Iraq won the war of resolve; do not doubt that they will clear the entire Iraq from the terrorists," Rouhani also said.

"If weapons brought superiority, the people of Yemen would have been defeated years ago by the aggressors," he continued.

"The martyrs of the path of the right, from the beginning of Islam until the Sacred Defense and combating terrorists, are all together and remembered in the history," Rouhani said, adding: "we will be invincible until people consider martyrdom an honor and immortality".

Whenever we take steps in the path of Him, we will definitely be victorious, the president said, "Helping the religion of God is our duty and the guarantee for our victory".

The government is proud of helping decrease the problems of the families of martyrs; of course, martyrs' self-sacrifice can never be compensated, said the President. He continued: "the families of martyrs, war veterans, and wounded veterans are a source of pride for us. Every day is Martyr's Day and respecting the families of martyrs".

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