Creativity is crucial in the packaging industry

سازمان جهانی صنعت بسته بندی(wpo)

Tehran (ISNA) - Creativity was vital in the packaging industry and consumers demanded something that catches their eyes and met their needs for freshness, sustainability, messaging and fun, the president of World Packaging Organization (WPO) said on Tuesday.

“The most important goal being pursued by WPO is better quality of life through better packaging for more people. The organization is trying to achieve this goal by, among other things, stimulating packaging science and development across the globe, contributing to the further development of the international packaging trade and stimulating packaging education and training,” Keith Pearson, who has been the WPO President since April 2006, said in an exclusive interview with ISNA on the sideline of the Simorgh Cultural Center in conference in Neyshabur.

"I want more structure within WPO and I want to put the organization more clearly and more emphatically on the map and doing so is possible because we have good products to offer. In the past years, we have not done enough, however, in terms of public relations. We must further reinforce the WPO brand in order to secure more international .recognition and achieve more for our members,” he added.

To carry out his plans, Pearson intends to make a “considerable addition to the organization by setting up various international working groups. Among other things, they must bring about greater brand recognition by drawing up and executing a marketing plan, building a new website and representing WPO at packaging conferences and trade fairs”.

“Iran now has a packaging trade fair and institute. Among other things, the institute has a test laboratory and coordinates the issue of barcodes. In addition, Iran also organizes a national packaging competition, and the winning designs have now been submitted for the local competitions” he emphasized.

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