Zarif meets French economy minister


Tehran (ISNA) - French economy minister Michel Sapin on Saturday met Iranian foreign minister Mohammad JavadZarif in Tehran and exchanged views about some of the main issues.

During this meeting which was held in Iranian foreign ministry department, Zarif underlined Iran’s will for developing ties with France.

“Holding Joint Economic Commission between Iran and France was a considerable effort in promoting bilateral relations. Fortunately, there are political and joint determinations between the two countries for expanding comprehensive relations,” he said.

“We consider France as an important political and economic partner and during this visit you will learn more about Iran’s market and manpower,” Zarif emphasized.

Michel Sapin in his part said: “Paris and Tehran have been successful in economic relations. France is part of EU and Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA)and does its best effort for the nuclear accordto be successful”.

“French companies and political officials are willing to grab the existing opportunities and capacities between the two countries. Most of economic projects between Iran and France such as aviation and automotive industries have been implemented and holding Joint Economic Commission showed that bilateral agreements are progressing well and our effort is to cooperate with Iran,” he added.

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