Indonesia to cooperate in developing Iran’s oilfields

نشست خبری بیژن زنگنه ، وزیر نفت

Tehran (ISNA) – Indonesia has bought Iran’s LPG and raised its own proposals for developing two oilfields in Iran, Iranian minister of petroleum BijanZangeneh announced.

“Negotiations with Indonesian party had two main axes. One of these axes is trade of oil and petroleum products. In the wake of JCPOA, it is the first time that Jakarta has bought Iran’s LPG and petroleum shipment,” Zanganeh said after met with coordinating minister for economic affairs of Indonesia.

“The other axis is the negotiations between two countries over development of the Abe Timur and Mansuri fields in central-western Iran. Jakarta has a good experience in developing oilfields and is expected to cooperate with us,” he added.

Referring to Iran and Indonesia’s willingness to cooperate with each other, Zanganeh said: “the two countries have always had a good relation in cultural, economic and politics fields”.

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