Iran has high potential in hosting international sport events

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Tehran (ISNA) - The seventh Ferdowsi International Chess tournament which held in Mashhad, Iran, showed that the country had high potential in hosting international sport events, General Manager at Western Cape Provincial Sport Confederation in south Africa said.

“The quality of the tournament was very high and I saw Iranian chess players very tough. They fight to the end and do not give up easily. Mashhad provided a great opportunity and environment for players from different country to compete,” Anzel Laubscher added in an exclusive interview.

Laubscher who attended the games as the only representative of her country noting that “Iran is a safe place and all the negative propaganda against Iran is only figment of imagination” as she said “this is my first time in Iran, people are friendly and they treated me like a queen. This whole experience was a pleasant surprise”.

“This was one of the best tournaments I have ever attended,” Laubscher insisted.

“I came here with open mind. When I visited different places with different cultures, I like to show my respect by dressing up in their traditional style of clothing. No one asked me to do it. I just do it out of respect although it is a law in this country to wear Hijab,” the player who is also a Woman International Master (WIM) added.

“I personally would have no issues with wearing a head scarf,” she continued.

The seventh Ferdowsi International Chess tournament held in the city of Mashhad, Iran with 350 participants from 16 countries attendance.

These games ended up with Iranian chess player championship.

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