Iranian carpet direct exports to US stand $69 million

بیست و چهارمین نمایشگاه فرش دستباف

Tehran (ISNA) – Iranian carpet direct exports to US stood at $69 million, the head of Iran's National Carpet Center said mentioning that during past 10 months carpet exports to 80 countries across the world stood at $275 million.

“The carpet exports in this period have been grown 19 percent from the same period in 2015 thanks to Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) which ended the sanctions,” the head of Iran’s National Carpet Center Hamid Karegar said at the opening of the first exhibition of handmade carpets and related industries in Gorgan.

“According to the JCPOA which mentioned to the lifting sanctions on all Iranian carpets were banned from entering the U.S., the first shipment of Iranian carper entered to US on January 2016 after 5 years,” he added.

“Iranian carpet direct exports to US during past 10 months stood at $69million while this number was about zero during last year,”Karegar emphasized adding “Iran’s highest-quality carpets are a source of national pride, with the finest being true works of art often hung as tapestries rather than adorning floors.”

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