Opening of Iran’s biggest solar power station

نیروگاه خورشیدی

Tehran (ISNA) – Iranian energy minister opened the country’s biggest solar power station in Hamadan province, in the mid-west part of Iran.

Iranian energy minister Hamid Chitchiantravelled to Hamadan province Saturday morning to open the biggest solar power station with a capacity of 14 megawatts.

The solar power station was constructed by the private sector, according to energy ministry’s reports.

“From 100 megawatts renewable planned station by the private sector during last year, 50 megawatts has already been completed and the rest will be completed in next two month,” the reports said, adding that these figures reflect 700 percent growth.

The construction of first 7 megawatts generating station is ongoing in an area of 10 hectares near the Hamadan province and 60 percent of this project is completed.

According to the report, almost 80 percent of the stations’ equipment is produced by foreign companies and other 20 percent is provided by internal companies.

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