Iran to become petrol exporter by next year

پالایشگاه های فاز ۱۷ و ۱۸ پارس جنوبی

Tehran (ISNA) - “Completing the developing plans till early next year, after 110 years finally we can become a petrol exporter” said Iran’s oil minister deputy.

“Providing equipment for self-sufficiency in producing and then exporting petrol is underway,” said executive director of Iranian National Refining and Distribution Company, Abbas Kazemi adding that“handling parts of the plans is completed and we are hoping for reaching to the self-sufficiency by the early next year.”

“We are producing 400 thousand barrels of petroleum products per day that will reach to 600 thousand barrels per day through next 10 months,” he continued. “The development of gas network caused rise of exporting petroleum products.”

“Petroleum products such as oil and gas are exporting to countries including Iraq, Afghanistan, China and India,” Kazemi insisted.

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