Iran’s Missile tests not a violation of nuclear pact: Mogherini’s deputy

سخنگوی موگرینی مسرالی

Tehran (ISNA) – Missile test in Iran is not a violation of nuclear pact, spokeswoman for EU foreign-policy chief in a reaction to recent claims that Iran conducted a new missile test emphasized.

Nabila Massrali, spokeswoman for EU foreign-policy chief Federica Mogherini, told reporters in Brussels that “the Iranian ballistic-missile program was not part” of the 2015 nuclear pact with world powers and “hence the tests are not a violation of it.” She said it was up to the top UN body to determine if they contravened its resolution 2231 on ballistic technology, Bloomberg reported.

In Tehran on Tuesday, Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif didn’t confirm a test and said Iran was fully complying with its obligations under the 2015 accord struck with the U.S., three European nations, Russia and China.

Iran’s missile program “has nothing to do” with the nuclear agreement, Zarif said at a joint press conference with his French counterpart, Jean-Marc Ayrault. “We will not use our weapons against anyone unless it’s in our own defense.”

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