Stratfor: Part of Iran’s Revolution Passes On

هاشمی رفسنجانی

Tehran (ISNA) – An American publisher and global intelligence company, Stratfor in a report called Chairman of Iran’s Expediency Council Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjani as one of the most powerful figures in Iran, said, part of Iran’s revolution Passed on.

Stratfor said in this report, “former Iranian President Ayatollah Rafsanjani, who ruled from 1989 to 1997, passed away on Jan. 8 at the age of 82. For the past four decades, Rafsanjani has been one of the most powerful figures in Iran.”

It added, “During his long career, Rafsanjani espoused balance, both among the country's political factions and between Iran and its foreign adversaries, particularly the (Persian) Gulf Cooperation Council and the West.”

According to this report, he conducted several economic reforms in the 1990s which helped improving of Iran’s economic situation.

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