Iran FM spokesman: Change of Saudi’s attitude is necessary for global peace

بهرام قاسمی

Tehran (ISNA) - Iranian Foreign Ministry Spokesman, Bahram Ghasemi asserted, Saudi Arabia with supporting terrorist groups and extremists causes chaos in the region.

Ghasemi in response to recent remarks of Saudi’s defense minister and deputy crown prince, Mohamed bin Salman about Iran said, “Saudi Arabia which its endorsement of extremists has created chaos in the region is one of the players that change of its attitude is necessary for global peace.”

He added, “not only Saudi is responsible of bloody crimes against Syrians, Iraqis and Yemenis but also betrays Muslims particularly Arab world and Palestinian cause by collusion with Israel.”

“In reports of West intelligence agencies frequently have been confirmed that there are significant and organized relations between Saudi’s formal organizations and extremists and it seems that recent remarks of Saudi’s defense minister was only projection of the intelligence disclosures, Ghasemi insisted.

He said, “Saudi instead of such projections, is better to change its attitude and think about the consequences of its destructive policies and measures.”

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