Two new plant species discovered in Iran


TEHRAN (ISNA) - A research team from Iran has reported the global discovery of two new plant species.

Hamid Moazzeni , Faculty member at Research Center for Plant Sciences in Ferdowsi University and his colleagues have made this discovery for the first time in the world.

"These two new species which are from Bitter Sisymbrium irio (Erysimum) genus belong to Brassicaceae Erysimum (Brassicaceae)" he said" They have been collected from Zanjan and Kerman provinces."

The report of this scientific discovery was published in the form of two ISI Papers in "Phytotaxa" and "Nordic Journal of Botany" in 2016.

The new Species which has been found in Kerman has purple flowers and grass growth form. This species only grows in the alpine areas of Kerman (ranging over 3000 to 3500 meter).

These plants have been named Erysimum polatschekii in honor of an eminent botanist Austrian, Adolf Pvlachk who has done a lot of valuable research about Erysimum.

The second new species has been collected from Demirel Mountain in Zanjan province, Iran.

This species which has yellow flowers and grows form of grasses is called Erysimum damirliense.

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