New species of coral fossils discovered in Iran


TEHRAN (ISNA) – Iranian Researchers succeeded to discover 2 new species of coral fossils from the Carboniferous geologic period.

Dr. Mehdi Najafi, lead author of the study and Prof. Helmut Flugel, founder of this study said that these fossils belong to the late Carboniferous period called Paleozoic Era and located in Uzbek kuh region which part of the northern city of Tabas province.

These two species are named in honor of Dr. Mehdi Najafi and Prof. Helmut Flugel, the first species is Fomichevella Najaf and the second is Heintzella fluegeli.

The history behind these fossils indicates the old Biogeographical part of Palaeo-Tethys Ocean that started to open during the Middle Cambrian, grew throughout the Paleozoic, and finally closed during the Late Triassic.

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