Tehran museum displays modern Arab art


TEHRAN (ISNA) - Paintings by Arab artists were displayed alongside works by Iranians at Tehran’s Museum of Contemporary Art .

Tehran Museum of Contemporary Art also known as TMoCA,, which has the finest collection of modern Western art anywhere outside Europe and the US, boasting works by the likes of Jackson Pollock, Francis Bacon and Andy Warhol, displayed 40 pieces by prominent Arab artists alongside 40 paintings by Iranians, theguardian.com reported.

Mohsen Noferesti, an official from TMoCA, said it had maintained its cultural ties with the outside world regardless of the political situation.

“Even at the time of sanctions we hosted works from many parts of the world,” he said.

Noferesti said the exhibition had been warmly welcomed in Tehran and visited by hundreds of people.

Among the works on display in the modern Arab art show are the Iraqi artist Kadhim Hayder’s spectacular Fatigued Ten Horses Converse With Nothing (The Martyr’s Epic); the Saudi artist Mounirah Mosly’s The Land of Solidities; and the UAE artist Hassan Sharif’s Man. Other artists represented include Bahrain’s Abdullah Muharraqi, Palestine’s Asim Abu Shakra, Iraq’s Raffa Nasiri and Egypt’s Seif Wanly.

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