Iran exports 25 types of radio-medicine

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TEHRAN (ISNA) - Director of the Atomic Energy Organization of Iran (AEOI) Ali Akbar Salehi said the country is exporting 25 types of radio-medicine to Egypt, Iraq and Germany

Iranian official stated that the country is producing 25 types of radio-medicine, adding all efforts are being made that these medicine would conform to GMP standards.

Salehi underlined that joining the GMP standards  woukld help Iran increase its export of radio-medicine to the world countries, stating that Iran is fully ready to incresae its production of the medicine.

Good manufacturing practices (GMP) are the practices required in order to conform to the guidelines recommended by agencies that control authorization and licensing for manufacture and sale of food, drug products, and active pharmaceutical products. These guidelines provide minimum requirements that a pharmaceutical or a food product manufacturer must meet to assure that the products are of high quality and do not pose any risk to the consumer or public.

 Salehi also referred to the construction of the nuclear hospital in Iran and said it is being built by the cooperation of an Austrian company.

 He reiterated that the hospital would have the most advanced radio equipment, noting it would not just be a hospital, but a nuclear research center, where nuclear engineers will work on medical issues.

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