Iranian woman receives EBC*L


TEHRAN (ISNA) – Iranian woman entrepreneur receives prestigious EU Business Competence License in tourism industry.

 Soheila Pirmoradian, for the first time, was granted EU Business Competence License for her significant activities in tourism industry in Iran.

Pirmoradian, who has 15 years’ experience in tourism, is now the manager of a travel agency in Iran. She has taken prominent steps in helping the tourism industry progress in the country.

The European Business Competence Licence, EBC*L is established internationally as the standard of education in business administration. It offers, with its three levels A, B and C, the possibility to prove exactly the practice-relevant economical core knowledge which is necessary in economic life. Creativity plays significant role in granting the prize.

“I think the reason that EU chose me was my company’s active presence at international exhibitions, “Pirmoradian stressed.

She has made great efforts to attract tourists from different countries to improve the tourism industry in Iran and succeeded to a great extent.

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