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Iranian scientist runs first universal network for top 1 percent scientists


TEHRAN (ISNA)- An Iranian scientist Nima Rezaie established Universal Scientific Education and Research Network (USERN) for the top one percent scientists.

The USERN is created as a solution to divert the notice of the scientific world governance to its true inheritances, the scientists, and to manage this resource in the most humane and scientific way possible. The USERN is an ambition leading to an idea, an idea transformed to a plan both developed and honed in the course of several, mind challenging discussions.

USERN was then born on January 21st, 2015 after Dr. Nima Rezaie, the current president of the USERN approved the status of the USERN proposed by Dr. Armin Hirbod-Mobarakeh who is holding the executive director title for the next three years.

The Universal Scientific Education and Research Network (USERN) is an international organization exclusively dedicated to advancement of authentic, ethical and professional scientific research and education and consequently advancement of science for non-military purposes and public good.

The mission of the USERN is simply providing an infrastructure to connect and share ideas, facilities, human, financial and educational resources considering their scope and their grades and establish their collaboration and allocate resources to ideas with the most importance for improvement of human life.

USERN envisions a reliable network of universally validated resources including ideas, facilities, human, financial and educational resources to launch and facilitate authentic, ethical and professional scientific research intended to improve human life. USERN organization works under two major divisions: Scientific affairs division and support and resource development division.

Dr. Rezaie designated USERN as a second house for every scientists which determines the overall policy according to which endeavors and scientific acts would be conducted to reach the most efficient way to respond the day-to-day demands and the gap in the knowledge in that field. Young scientists would be linked to top scientists via USERN and conduct research projects and educational programs to take part in such programs under such framework. Seniors and top scientists would take a role in upbringing young scientists and constructing their own Scientific Pedigree.

Dr. Rezaie said some positive regards and amiable replies from 60 top scientists and Nobel laureates about the USERN initiative.

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