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Iranian President emphasizes need to anticipate, prevent, equip against cyberattacks

Iranian President emphasizes need to anticipate, prevent, equip against cyberattacks

Tehran (ISNA) - Emphasizing the need to anticipate, prevent and equip against cyberattacks, Iranian President said, "Some want to make people angry by creating disorder and disruption in their lives."

Speaking on Wednesday at the cabinet meeting, Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi referred to the cyberattack on the fuel distribution system in the country yesterday, and said, "The purpose of this action was to disrupt people's lives so that they can achieve their specific goals".

The President added, "In this cyberattack, not only the officials were not confused, but they also managed the situation immediately, and the people also showed their awareness in the face of this problem and did not allow anyone to abuse and seize the opportunity".

Praising the timely information of the national media, Ayatollah Raisi emphasized, "We should also sincerely appreciate the support and cooperation of the people".

The President emphasized, "Reciprocally, the Ministry of Oil must take action to compensate for the effects of the disruption, so that the rights of the people are not lost".

Ayatollah Raisi emphasized, "We should be seriously prepared in the field of cyber warfare and the relevant agencies, with proper division of labour, and should not allow the enemy to pursue its sinister goals in this field and create problems in the process of people's lives”.

The President said, "The officials should pay attention to the fact that everyone who is a citizen of Iran and lives in this country, regardless of religion, ethnicity and race, has a right and we also have a duty to serve them”.

Dr. Raisi also referred to the conversations with the students and expressed the concern of some of them about the situation of the dormitories, and instructed the Ministers of Science and Health to take the necessary measures to equip the dorms and solve the problems of married and single students.

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