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Islamic rapprochement, unity a strategic move in World of Islam: President Raisi

Islamic rapprochement, unity a strategic move in World of Islam: President Raisi

Tehran (ISNA) - Iranian President called the rapprochement and unity of the Islamic community the emphasis of the late Imam Khomeini (RA) and Supreme Leader of the Revolution, and a strategic move in the World of Islam, and said, "Efforts for the unity of the Islamic community must be pursued seriously and resolutely by religious scholars."

Speaking on Tuesday at the opening ceremony of the 35th International Conference on Islamic Unity, President Ebrahim Raisi appreciated the efforts and measures taken to achieve Islamic unity and rapprochement of religions, and said, "The actions of the great Martyr Soleimani and the late Ayatollah Mohammad Ali Taskhiri for eradicating doubts and deviations in the Islamic world and creating unity and cohesion in the Islamic community are lasting and praiseworthy”.

Ayatollah Raisi said, "The Islamic Awakening, which was formed thanks to the efforts and the blood of martyrs, should not turn cold and we should all work to maintain and strengthen it".

The President added, "Today, we are witnessing divisions and conspiracies of the enemies of Islam in all countries around the region, including Iraq, Syria, Afghanistan, Lebanon and Yemen, and we must all try to protect the Islamic community from these conspiracies".

Emphasizing that the Islamic community is the only important power that the domineering system sees before it, Ayatollah Raisi said, "The domineering system is trying to sow discord amongst the Islamic community and using its media power to undermine the power factors of the Islamic community, but the effective human resources and scientists and scholars are the greatest energy, power and opportunity of the Islamic community who must stand against the conspiracies of the enemies”.

Emphasizing the importance of attitude towards a common goal in the Islamic community, the President said, "One of the important elements of the Islamic community is the belief in a common religion and religious values ​​and movement and dynamism are other important elements of the community, and the community should never remain stagnant”.

Stating that the only goal of the Islamic community should be freedom from the domineering system, Dr. Raisi said, "The Islamic community should realise that the system of domination seeks to prevent the Islamic community from being formed and to have dynamism”.

The President added, "After the collapse of the Soviet Union and the unipolarity of the world, the system of domination saw only one power before it, and that was the great power of Islam. Therefore, it tried to make this power ineffective in various ways, including the formation of takfiri groups among Muslims, financial support and arming them for killing and looting in the Islamic community”.

The President added, "Insulting the holy values, separating Islamic countries from each other and exploiting scientists in the Islamic community are also among the measures taken by the domination system to weaken and prevent the formation and strengthening of the Islamic community".

Dr. Raisi said, "All these actions are links in a chain in order to marginalize the main issue of the Islamic world, Palestine, by weakening the components of the power of Muslims".

Ayatollah Raisi emphasized, "Today, thanks to the blood of the martyrs, the awakening of scholars and scientists and the instructions of the great figures of the Islamic Awakening has been created in the region, and such fruitful meetings have an important role in honouring and continuing the Islamic awakening".

Dr. Raisi added, "At the same time, the wise and prudent leadership of the Islamic Revolution declared that the type of ISIS’ actions is the same as that of the Zionists and emphasized that regardless of where they belong to and where they came from, it is not a Muslim who sheds such blood”.

The President said, "Today we are witnessing conspiracies in Lebanon and Afghanistan, and yesterday we were witnessing conspiracies in Iraq and Syria, and Islamic scholars must monitor the deviations and warn in time so that the Islamic community will be safe from these deviations and conspiracies".

Stating that the expansion of scientific, cultural and media cooperation in the Islamic world and the Islamic community is very necessary, Mr. Raisi stressed, "The third point is that strengthening the rapprochement idea should be a focus of everyone”.

Addressing scientists, scholars, sympathisers and those people who care about the Islamic world, Dr. Raisi said, "We seek to establish stability in Islamic countries and the enemy seeks to create division and instability. And we believe that in the Islamic world, anyone who knowingly or unknowingly, willingly or unwillingly, utters a word, statement or action in the direction of breaking this unity, has moved in the direction of the enemy's strategy”.

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