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Iran thwarts Mossad’s terrorist sabotages

Iran thwarts Mossad’s terrorist sabotages

Tehran (ISNA) - Director-General of Counterintelligence of Iran’s Intelligence Ministry announced on Tuesday that the plan of Mossad’s terrorists to carry out acts of sabotage and to create chaos in Iran was thwarted.

Forces of Iran’s Intelligence Ministry have arrested a network of members of the Zionist regime’s Spy Organization (Mossad) on the country's western border, Director-General of Counterintelligence of the ministry said.

“A big haul of weapons and ammunition, including, pistols, grenades, Winchester rifles, shotguns and ammunition was also seized during the operation,” he added.

Noting that Mossad members intended to use the equipment during urban riots and assassinations, he said that during the elections days also, the Zionist regime repeatedly attempted to carry out acts of sabotage in different parts of the country but with the timely action of the forces of Iran’s Intelligence Ministry, their terrorist sabotages were thwarted.

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