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Free trade, economic zones play important role in economy, employment: President Rouhani

Free trade, economic zones play important role in economy, employment: President Rouhani

Tehran (ISNA) - Referring to the inauguration of 62 development and infrastructure projects in the free trade and economic zones across the country in the 78th week of the inauguration of national projects, Iran’s President said, "Free trade and special economic zones play an important role in the economy and employment, and the government has done a lot of great work in these areas”.

Speaking on Tuesday at the inauguration ceremony of national projects of free trade and economic zones in the provinces of East Azerbaijan, West Azerbaijan, Gilan and Sistan and Baluchistan, President Hassan Rouhani said, "Free zones were more importers than exporters at the beginning of this government, and the commercial sector were more active than the investment sector, which was a big disadvantage for these regions”.

“Today, free trade and special economic zones are producers and have become a centre for investment,” he said.

Referring to the work of the Government of Prudence and Hope in the development of the national railway, the President said, "Arvand Free Zone in the southwest of the country in the Shalamcheh region has a very important railway project, and that is the connection of Khorramshahr railway to Basra Railway, the preliminary work of which has been done”.

Dr. Rouhani also referred to the connection of Chabahar railway to the national railway, and said, "Our effort was to put this railway into operation by the end of the government, which course we will inaugurate part of it, and with the completion of this important project, Chabahar will be connected to the Caspian Sea, Turkmenistan, Incheh-Burun and in the future to Astara, which is a very big and important work”.

The President added, "Rasht-Caspian Railway is a very important project, 85% of which has been completed, and in the coming days we will open 5 or 7 national railways, which play an important role in connecting railways throughout the country and to countries in the region".

Dr. Rouhani said, "The volume of infrastructure measures in the last 8 years has doubled and if all existing plans are completed, the volume of these measures and infrastructure projects in the free zones will increase 10 times”.

The President added, "The prerequisite for a surge in production is the attraction of capital, and along with that, we must acquire modern technology of the market”.

The President further referred to the problem of power outages in the country and said, "In the last 8 years, about 2,500 MW per year has been added to the country's electricity generation capacity, while before this government, the average annual electricity was 1,700 MW before”.

Stating that electricity is very important for life, comfort, people's lives and production of the country, Dr Rouhani said, "This year we are experiencing an unprecedented drought and rainfall has decreased by 52% compared to last year and 7,000 MW of hydropower production has decreased due to reduced dams. Also, in the past few days, Bushehr power plant was out of circuit due to the need for maintenance”.

The President added, "The country's industrial production has increased by 50% compared to last year, and this has increased electricity consumption. Of course, there are other reasons why I instructed the First VP to identify and solve the problems and solutions to this problem, and in this regard, a part of the industry can help us by changing their working hours”.

Dr. Rouhani continued, "In power outages, it is important for people to be aware of the hours so that they can anticipate and plan. Of course, I apologise to the dear people who are suffering these days, and I ask them to save some electricity consumption”.

The President said, "The Ministry of Energy is not to blame in this regard, but it must explain to the people what the problem was and they must implement the solution to the problem".

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