• Tue / 8 August 2017 / 15:38
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Iran, EU implement joint research projects worth 9.5 million euros

محمد فرهادی وزیر علوم

Tehran (ISNA) – Iranian minister of science, research and technology announced that Iran and European Union have several joint scientific projects worth 9.5 million euros.

“500 Iranians residing abroad and 2086 foreigners have come to Iran for providing training,” Iranian minister of science, research and technology Mohammad Farhadi said.

“Over the past year, 12 joint PhD courses with other countries have been established in Iranian universities such as Khajeh Nasir Toosi, Amir Kabir and Tehran and more than 235 joint Iranian and foreign research projects are currently underway,” he added.

“Iranian research and education centers are implementing joint projects with the EU worth 9.5 million euros,” Farhadi emphasized.

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